What is KRUSH?

K.R.U.S.H. (Kids Rising Up through Support and Healing) was created for students who are dealing with parents/guardians/family members that are or have been incarcerated.

The goals of this group are to provide support for the students through several avenues. We offer a small group setting where the students can be open with their concerns, worries, and positive thoughts as they relate to their incarcerated loved one.

We provide lessons for the students that show them how to deal with the emotions that come with having a parent incarcerated.

Examples of emotions that we address are: worry, shame, guilt, and embarrassment. We work on self-esteem, positive decision-making skills, and career opportunities. Our goal is to provide PreK-12 students the skills they need to be able to rise above their circumstances and be positive, productive members of society.

We get permission prior to meeting from current guardians. We meet our students once weekly for 30-45 minute sessions. We created a lesson guide this past summer (July 2018), that will also be shared in our trainings. In training, you receive access to all documents used to date, in addition to the lesson guide book (pre-k-high school). 

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